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About T|IC

I started The InternCollective as a way to receive credits for an internship. I developed T|IC with intentions to be used as a network to connect interns and volunteers directly to community leaders and organizations who are involved or have hope to be involved with collaborative efforts towards sustainability, providing exceptional services to our communities to uphold the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of 2030.


Provide Internship and Volunteer opportunities to people whose majors include but are not limited to




Community and Resource Management.



Strategy Planning/ Development.



Commercial/ Industrial Design.



Energy and Environmental Design/ Management/ Engineering.



Graphic Design.



Sustainable Innovation.



****Currently, looking for companies to work with. If you are a company or know a company that could benefit from these services please send an email to -- ****


A Special Note for:


Potential Clients and Sponsors, 


With aims to make it easy for clients and businesses to focus on what truly matters. All you need to do is fill out the form below. Please include your company information.


Potential Students and Interns,


Take advantage of this and many other features that are available to you when you decide to join the network. Subscribe today to get started.

Compassionate, Passionate, Adaptable, and Hardworking.

I am a Mom, Nerd, Cook, Packaging Enthusiast, Artist and a full-time student at ASU online studying Sustainability. I love all things nature and astronomy.


My vision includes educating future generations of these goals and how we can reduce our harmful impacts socially, environmentally, economically, etc., and how we can come up with well-structured plans for future generations.


*Don't forget to check out the BOOKS section*


I believe in the mission set forth by the United Nations for a sustainable future and am working hard every day outlining solutions and strategies for a prosperous future.

I plan to be an influence on the global community; to embrace resilience and sustainability. While advocating for equitable and innovative futures. Connect with me today.


Blog and Podcast coming soon!


About Me

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