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We are all aware of the anxiety that comes with trying to land a job. Especially, if it's "THE ONE" that you have been waiting for.


I would like to remind you that if you have applied the hard part is over. Now, you just have to show up and talk.


Below, I will provide tips and external links that highlight ways to beat that pre-interview anxiety and outline ways that you can stand out.


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Shake the Anxiety

How to stand-out

What to


Always wear something presentable. Comfortable. 

Blue and Pistachio Green are colors that come off as most approachable.

Do research to see what your potential employers' dress code is.

See my Pinterest Page for Ideas.

What to


Be truthful. Show your uniqueness and intelligence. Ask the interviewer questions. Don't say words that are too large or come off "wordy" for help on what to say/do and what not to say/do in an interview click here.

What to


For a brief moment, you are the focus. How will you take advantage of this moment? 

Expect the best.

Your attitude going in will determine the outcome. 

If you are prepared; expect to negotiate your salary. Click Here for tips

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